Servicing Your Plumbing & Heating Needs

Since 1920

Welcome to Wolfinger Hardware Inc. Plumbing & Heating. We have been serving the Hillsdale County area for 100 years now. How you ask have we stayed around so long. With our great customer service and our wide variety of products we carry and services we preform. We sell everything from your basic screwdrivers to refrigerators. Our services are our backbone. We now focus mainly on your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. Although we also repair windows, screens, kerosene heaters, and with our tin shop out back we can fabricate you almost whatever you can design. If you want to know more about our history go to About us and click on History.
We are also one of the original members of the Do it Best corporation, which used to be known as HWI, Hardware Wholesalers Inc.

112 N. Chicago St.
Litchfield, MI 49252